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Tiffany Brown-Certo

Tiffany began dancing at the age of seven and loved everything BUT ballet!

She had a great teacher that, after the first two months, said they refused to teach her any more dance until she was registered for ballet.  Begrudgingly, Tiffany started ballet and HATED it until about six months passed, at which time she realized how much benefit everything else in her life gained because of it.  It soon became her love and her passion!  Dance became as much a part of Tiffany’s life as eating and breathing ever since that time.  She began dancing professionally and teaching at the age of 15 with the Northwest Florida Ballet and continued on with many other ballet companies and studios throughout the southeast.  Tiffany taught and danced as a guest artist for numerous professional ballet companies throughout her college and law school career and cherished every experience she had.

Having taught dance for more than half of her life it is obviously exceptionally important to Tiffany. She stated “ I feel very lucky and blessed to have had the opportunity to acquire exceptional training with instructors not just from around the states but internationally and it has always been my goal to bring that same exposure to my students.  My students are a huge part of my life and I enjoy being able to not only teach them dance steps but more importantly to train them in the self discipline, teamwork, respect for the arts and passion that come along with their training and will be utilized throughout their future.”

Since ending her professional dance career after performing leading roles in ballets such as The Nutcracker, Don Quixote, Coppelia, Swan Lake, Giselle, Napoli, Les Sylphides, and Sleeping Beauty with multiple ballet companies, she moved to Panama City Beach upon law school completion in 2002 and began her career as an Attorney.  Tiffany has continued to teach dance and has enjoyed sharing her expertise with wonderful students. She enjoys being apart of developing their talent and seeing them win awards and accolades for their abilities and hard work.

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