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Styles of Dance Offered

Below is a list of dance styles that we offer here at Tonie's Dance Workshop.

Tiny Tot's, Preballet & Ballet/Tap

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Ballet​ (ages 6 & up)

is the foundation for all dance genres and should always be part of your dance schedule. Ballet stresses academic technique development through muscle strength, balance, control and fluid movements. The discipline, focus and concentration is also great mental stimulation. ​

Pointe​​​ (ages 12 & up)

is for the advanced ballet student only and never before the age of 12 when the growth of the foot bones is complete. The instructor must decide if a student is technically and physically capable of dancing on pointe. You must be enrolled in a ballet class to take pointe.


Jazz​​​​​ (ages 6 & up)​ 

dance is a dynamic, ever-changing style of dance, always open to new movement ideas and absorbing the latest cultural styles. Jazz dance is hot, cool, sassy, smooth and sharp.

Tap (ages 4 1/2 & up)​

is joyous, vigorous, expressive, rhythmic action; it is fun to do​

Lyrical (ages 10 & up)​

incorporates elements of ballet, jazz and modern to give it a feeling all its own. A student must have a good solid background in ballet and be enrolled in a ballet class before beginning lyrical.

Acrobatics (ages 6 & up)

includes tumbling and gymnastics stressing agility, strength and grace. 

Hip-Hop (ages 5 & up)

is characterized by its vigorous athletics and bouncy style where coordination and musicality are emphasized.  

Contemporary (ages 12 & up)

borrows from classical, modern and jazz styles to create work that is unique and dynamic with personal interpretation of music and improvisation.

Musical Theatre (ages 7-10)

combines music, song, and dance from the abundance of broadway musicals with fun choreography. 

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