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2019 Dance Schedule

All classes are being held at our newly renovated Stanford Location at 2342 Stanford Rd.

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Advanced I, II and Pointe class enrollment must be approved by teacher.

Parents and Students,
It is our first week at our new and improved, state of the art Stanford location.
2342 Stanford Road Panama City, FL 32405.
We cannot wait to share this beautiful space with each of you and see your smiling faces as you walk through the front doors.

We are so proud of our new dance studio and we ask for each of you to please be respectful of this new space. Please remind your student that the studio is not a playground but a place of discipline for all of our dancers. We couldn’t help but notice how the Parker dressing room was used as a playroom. The dressing room is a convenience for dressing and changing clothes only. No more running inside the studio please.

Arrival and Departure
The doors will remain locked until 15 minutes before the first class of the day as we are busy bees trying to prepare for classes. There is always much preparation to be ready for all of our dancers. The same with pick up time. We need your student to be picked up within 15 minutes of ending time of class. We really appreciate your mindfulness about this as we can’t provide babysitting services. The parents in the next class also need parking spaces so please keep that in mind.

We are so excited about all that we have accomplished by March 4th but our parking plan is not complete. While we have increased our parking, we no longer have a curb side drop off. Please use caution when entering and exiting the studio! Notice one-way signs please. There is a marked sidewalk next to grass area for you to use to get to the front door. Please be kind and do not park on the grassy area as they are not ready for vehicles yet. However, you may parallel park on Charco drive on studio side only. We also have over flow parking on the empty lot next to the Beeline.

Food and Drink
No outside food or drink may be brought into the studio with the exception of water.
We have a new reusable water bottle fountain at the studio that we would like to encourage all of you to use. We will continue selling the snacks to keep those tummies from growling.

Viewing Windows
We now have viewing windows for parents to observe class. These are one-way mirrors so the students will not see you as you observe class. We will come up with a schedule for when they are open for observation as they will not be open every week.

Simply..........DO NOT Wear Dance Shoes Outside
One feature that we can’t wait to show off at our sparkling new studio is our state of the art sprung marley dance floors.
All your dancer’s shoes must be well protected for longer lasting shoes and preservation of our new MARLEY dance floors. Dance shoes that are worn outside ruins the sole of the dance shoe and worst of all it tracks dirt, oil, gravel and sand into the studio and onto our floors.

This also means absolutely NO street shoes on the dance floor at any time. On visitation days that means parents will need to bring socks.

Dance Attire
With a new space comes a new reason for proper dance attire. PLEASE wear the proper dance wear and shoes and this includes having your hair in a bun for ballet and pulled off the face for the other classes. Trust us…the dancers are proud of themselves as they dance with increased focus and discipline.

Please treat our new space kindly and with care so that it will remain in tip-top shape for years to come! Now, let’s dance and get ready for our spring show. Thank you so much for sticking with us through the rough times. There is nowhere to go but up! I am so very thankful that God has blessed me with a great team of workers, staff, parents, students and more so that we can have one piece of normal during Hurricane Michael recovery.

All recital information will be waiting for you immediately following spring break. We have to practice patience to address all of mine and your unanswered questions.

Merci Beaucoup,

Dancingly Yours,
Tonie and Team TDW

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