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We have an outstanding program designed around "The Magical Kingdom of Dance" which is a sugar coated method for the young beginner to learn the basic fundamentals of the art of dancing. This is a highly successful way to blend the elements of amusement with physical activity, technical knowledge and skills pertaining to dance with music appreciation. 

This method is presented in picture format make it easy for them to remember steps, positions, directions, and terminology. The ballerinas are instructed on the Alhpamat, where each student has their own "house." Students wear righty red and lefty blue bracelets and foot wraps to encourage the directional cues associated with dance. Twinkletoes and the MKOD Encyclopedia is a fantastic dance text book for dancers of all ages. Our teachers use the text book regularly in class to introduce new steps and terms to the dancers. 

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The encyclopedia, bracelets and foot wraps, flashcards, coloring books & MKOD t-shirts are available for purchase at the studio. We encourage you to supplement their dance education with these materials. 

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