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Spark Company

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Photo by Jan Simmons Photography

Spark is designed for the dedicated dancer that is looking for extra time in the studio and other additional learning experiences. The Spark Company consists of performance and competition opportunities, workshops and the benefit of dancing with a year-round team. Spark is taught and choreographed by Mrs. Hayden & Ms. Lauren.  Additional choreography by Lynette Bunce.

"Probability of Precipitation"

P.O.P. is our new dance team designed to challenge our 4th-5th graders.  This elite group will be preparing our dancers to join our Spark Dance
P.O.P. meets two Saturdays a month, attend
s one competition, and participates in the Christmas Parade.  Our P.O.P. students are ready to soar and dance MORE!

P.O.P. is taught and choreographed by Mrs. Tonie and Ms. Kaitlyn

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Photo by Jan Simmons Photography

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