What should I wear to class?


Our dress code is a very important part of your child’s dance training. The dancer’s classroom attire sets the tone and mood of class by putting the students in the right frame of mind to begin learning.  Self disiccpline and the art of dance go hand in hand.  We feel that it is important that all students be clean and neat in appearance at all times.  Proper attire from head to toe is a must if you are to dance your best.


Dancing makes use of the head.  In ballet you simply can’t do certain steps (turns for example) without having your hair firmly in place away from your face.  If you allow your hair to be free around your face, neck, and shoulders, you will lose opportunities for the teacher to correct your head-to-neck alignment as needed.  Put every hair in place is a great rule for students.  Either arrange your hair in a high or low bun, or in a twist.  Use lots of bobby pins and a hairnet.  If your hair is too short to put in a bun at all, pull it back from your face with a zig zag headband.  Practice a hairstyle that you can master to always look your best when you dance. Loose, sloppy hair is a hinderance in class as it prevents you from spotting, jumping and turning properly.

Ballet Class

All ages must wear pink tights and pink ballet slippers. Leotards may be any color.  No bathing suits, body suits or costumes are allowed for class. Ballet skirts are permissable.  Soft pink leather ballet shoes must be fitted for now, not to grow into so that your feet look their best.  Hair neatly in a low or high bun.

Tap Class

Tan tap shoes, leotard and tights in any color. Jazz pants may also be worn. Hair neatly pulled back in a ponytail or bun.

Jazz Class

Leotards and tights (any color), jazz pants  and camisole tops are acceptable,  and tan jazz shoes.  Hair must be pulled away from face in a pony tail or bun.

Acrobatics Class

Leotards,  footless tights and  bare feet.  Hair in a ponytail please.


Black jazz pants and a t-shirt for all classes.  Black sweats short or long for Hip Hop.  Black jazz sneakers.


Special Needs Class

Our Special Needs class meet on Mondays at 3:45- 4:15 p.m. at our Parker studio.  If you know of anyone between the ages of 6-12 that might be interested in joining the class please call Cathy at our Parker studio to register.  There is no charge for the class.  If you need more information or if you have any questions please call the Parker studio.


Dance Bag Essentials

Think of your dance bag as your toolbox.  What is in your dance bag? We recommend that all of our dancers have a special bag to keep all of their dance shoes and other special items needed for dance. Here is our checklist:

  • all dance shoes with name clearly labeled in shoes
  • band-aids
  • bobby pins, ponytail holders, hairnets, and barretts
  • extra tights
  • toe-nail clippers
  • bottle of water
  • needle and thread (for pointe students)


 Learn how to learn……..only you can put what your teacher says into practice.