You won’t believe what you’ll learn…

If you really want your child to make progress in dancing, they must be very faithful about attending lessons.  A good rule to follow is to not miss classes for any reason except illness.  Set a practice schedule and stick to it faithfully.  It is surprising how even the little matter of constant attendance of lessons can influence the child’s development of dependability.  If you begin to offer excuses which the child knows are not legitimate, you are planting the seed of irresponsibility and working contrary to the very thing you wish to accomplish.  Learning requires your full attention, so stay focused.  It is desirable to take dance for the full season to get the most out of your lessons.  It is very difficult to continue with your classmates if you do not begin taking until the second half of the year.  Please make every effort to register from September through May.

Be on Time

Be ready to move when it is time to start class and start with an energetic attitude.  In dancing, being on time and being on the music is a very important quality.  Please don’t slick in to class with a tired spirit.  When you dance you can actually dance your troubles away.

We ask that parents bring their students no earlier than 15 minutes before class begins and pick them up no later than 15 minutes after class has ended.  We love our students but we are not a baby-sitting service.


Please check out our calendar for information on Holidays.  We only close for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break.  We are open for Fall break and all teacher work days.