Over 30 years of Dance

Tonie’s Dance Workshop has been open since 1977  teaching over 600 students annually.

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Experienced Curriculum

Dances develop a strong mind and body while learning the form, function and beauty of dance at our studio.

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Magical Kingdom of Dance

Mary Alpha, Tonie’s mother, created The Magical Kingdom of Dance featuring the Alphamat, The Encyclopedia of Dance, and other materials designed to teach young dancers.

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Meet Your Teachers


Why Choose Us

      • Open since 1976 teaching over 600 students per year.
      • A combined staff of 13 dance instructors, in two locations, giving your children guided instruction.
      • Principles and guidelines of The Magical Kingdom of Dance taught to every young student.
      • Creating poised, graceful and disciplined dancers each year.
      • Dancing is my love, my life, my joy.” – Tonie Lynne Bense

What Client’s Say

I've said this many times when telling friends and family about Tonie's Dance Workshop: It is our home away from home.  My two girls love dancing thanks to this wonderful place!  We have been here for over 6 years now and will be here until my girls graduate.  I'm so thankful for what they have learned and how it applies to other areas of  their lives.
Tara Platt
We have been a part of the TDW family for more than five years, My girls love it!  They have learned many different forms of dance.  More importantly, they have developed good exercise and nutrition habits that will stay with them throughout their lives.  TDW is the BEST!
Joyce Wilson